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Advertencia de fraudes con RetroPie

    Después del rotundo y controvertido éxito del mini NES de Nintendo, parece ser que surgió un mercado para pequeñas consolas retro. Esto realmente no es nada nuevo, los entusiastas de los juegos antiguos han usado emuladores por mucho años.

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WipEout HD / Fury

Title: WipEout HD / Fury. Development: Sony Studio Liverpool. Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment. Launch year: 2008. Genre: Racing. System: PlayStation 3. Number of players: 1-8.       Like many people, I got this game totally free as an apology from

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Radiant historia

Publisher: Atlus. Developer: Atlus. Console: Nintendo DS. Genre: RPG. Number of players: 1. Year of release: 2011.     Radiant Historia is the story of Stocke, an intelligence agent in the nation of Alistel, one of several nations in a continent

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Fallout 3: Game of the year edition

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Publisher: Bethesda Softworks. Console: PlayStation 3. Year of release: 2009. Genre: RPG/FPS     Welcome to the Wasteland, a very dark but hilarious world. When the worst has already happened, there is no other option but to

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Contra 4

Publisher: Konami. Development: WayForward. Console: Nintendo DS. Genre: Action/Shooter. Number of players: 1-2 local wireless. Launch year: 2007.     These days, good hardcore action games are few and far between. Contra 4 is one of those rare gems, taking all

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