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The power of the return code

    The correct handling of return values made my life as a programmer much easier. That is the whole purpose of their creation. I can write code that will check itself and will notice if any step of any program failed or produced an undesired result, and act accordingly. Checking the return values allows a
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Python examples

    I had a lot of fun doing Python exercises for an online training course I took. Here are several of them that could be useful if somebody else is learning Python (or programming). Double click on the code to get the code in plain text. [crayon-5d10dd860e84f508024748/] [crayon-5d10dd860e858935053729/] [crayon-5d10dd860e85d182314449/] [crayon-5d10dd860e862051323344/] [crayon-5d10dd860e867870710863/] [crayon-5d10dd860e86b983184950/] [crayon-5d10dd860e86f303144383/] [crayon-5d10dd860e873216468980/] [crayon-5d10dd860e877549216381/]
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Troubleshooting IBM Installation Manager

    Sometimes, when you try to run IBM Installation Manager (IM), you may get an error like this: [crayon-5d10dd860ef85003633374/]     This is due to IM not being able to run because the server does not have a proper graphical environment configured. The most probable reason for this is because GTK2 is not installed. IM is
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