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Introduction to Apache Spark

    Spark is an open source cluster computing framework widely known for being extremely fast. It was started by AMPLab at UC Berkeley in 2009. Now it is an Apache top-level project. Spark can run on its own or can run, for example, in Hadoop or Mesos, and it can access data from diverse sources,
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Introduction to Apache Hadoop

    Hadoop is an open source project from the Apache foundation that was created thinking that hardware components in a network are prone to failure and that there should be a component handling those failures automatically in a way that does not create downtime for the system or affects the users in any way. Hadoop
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Running a Flask application in an Apache subdirectory

    I wanted to have a “main” Apache-served site with a Flask application running alongside it, but in a subdirectory. I.e. mysite.com and mysite.com/flaskapp. This was much harder than expected.     Most documentation I found for this issue told me to create a brand new “flaskapp.conf” file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/, this, of course, made the Flask
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